Windshield Replacement

Your windshield is a vital part of your vehicles structural integrity. Paynes Auto Glass uses the highest quality of retention systems and implements the AGRSS standard to every install, making us the most academically backed shop in all of Wyoming!


Side/Vent/Door Glass

We offer replacement of all your auto glass needs with NAGS/OEM approved glass with warehouses nearby.


Windshield Repair

Rock Chips come in many different forms. Not all can be fixed, although most can. Fixing a rock chip is imperative to maintain the integrity of the glass and much cheaper!!! Most insurance cover the cost of rock repairs 100% 


Side-View Mirrors

Rest assured knowing Paynes Auto Glass can replace that broken side mirror quickly. We are partnered up with the industry leading OEE mirror company. They are pre-cut and require only about 20 minutes to install. Labor is always included in purchase.


Wiper blade Replacement

It is suggested to replace your wiper blades 4x's per year. We would be happy to sell you a new set and install them too!


Cowling/ Wiper fluid components

Faded, cracked, dry rotted plastic or moldings....? Ask for a personalized quote and we can get you sealed/filled back up in a jiffy!

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